Diesel Supply

Supplier of quality wholesale petroleum

Our sister company KAPPI Petroleum are registered whole sale fuel suppliers.

Our products:
10ppm diesel
50ppm diesel

95 UPL
93 UPL
We only deliver full loads of 40 000 litres on the petrol product on the 50 ppm diesel we do
split loads and brake bulk.
Procedure: client send order and delivery address.
We issue invoice and estimate delivery time.
Client test the product on arrival.
Client pays on BOL accompanying driver.
Driver instructed to off load.

We supply Bulk Diesel to our customers with the service of a tank and pump included in the deal.

We supply the tank & pump, do the installation and deliver the diesel to your site (Gauteng only)

Your delivered price per litre will be determined by the quantities to be delivered per month.

You have the option of paying for the equipment that will be added to the price per litre or the equipment stays our property and we collect it after the contract period is finished.

The contract period will also have an influence on the price.

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