Investing in top-quality, above-ground fuel tanks or a number of well-built bowser tanks.

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Benefits of Managing your Fleet Fuelling Needs In-House -- And What to Consider Beforehand

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In an attempt to bring down operating costs and spruce up efficiency, many South African organizations and companies are going for in-house fuel management solutions. From large farms and trucking companies to heavy machinery and construction firms, everyone is looking for practical ways to save on fuel costs. Oftentimes that means investing in top-quality, above-ground fuel tanks or a number of well-built bowser tanks.


Of course, with oodles of cash being put into purchasing and maintaining fleet vehicles and buying fuel, the importance of diesel bowsers and other fuel management and storage equipment cannot be overemphasized.

Important Things To Consider Before Storing and Managing Fuel In-House

Reliable Fuel Supplier

The good news is that there are several trustworthy and highly regarded diesel and other petroleum products suppliers in South Africa. Even so, you need to reach out to a supplier who can deliver fuel at an affordable price to your premise, especially if you’re going to invest in above-ground fuel tanks.


Is your site secure? You might have to hire a security team to keep an eye on your fuel storage and management equipment -- be it bowsers tanks or other types of fuel tanks. At the same time, your fuel tanks and diesel bowsers should be fully lockable complete with internal hinges and heavy-duty lock bolts.

Operator Usability

Your fuel tanks installations and bowsers tanks should also come fitted with dispensing equipment and other apparatus that make them easy to operate.


When it comes to diesel bowsers and private fuel tanks, quality is king. You cannot simply cut corners as it will cost you handsomely in the long run. That’s why it pays to source the bowsers tanks from bespoke, certified, and fully-licensed maker or supplier.

Advantages of Using Personal Fuel Tanks to Store/Manage Fuel In-House

Easy Monitoring: You can keep track of fuel consumption by your fleet quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Even better, the dispensing equipment can be integrated into fuelling management software.

Easy Ordering: with all the necessary information captured by the software, transport managers have no trouble ordering and budgeting for fuel.

Around-the-Clock Fuelling: With your own bowsers tanks, you don’t have to rush before a petrol station is closed. They offer 24/7, fail-safe refuelling.

Enjoy Peace of Mind: in-house fuel tanks offer flexibility, and you don’t to worry about drivers refuelling during company hours.

The most prominent benefit of using bowsers tanks and above-ground fuel tanks to store and manage fuel in-house is that you’ll reduce fuelling costs significantly.

AUTHOR: Johan Krugar

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