Tips for Choosing the Right Diesel Tanks

Category: blog Published on 21 October 2017
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Diesel Tank Durban, South Africa

Diesel is the most sought-after fuel type in South Africa today - and for good reason. It’s reasonably priced and delivers excellent value especially on heavy vehicles and machinery. However, choosing the right diesel tank is crucial to avoid exorbitant extra costs and considerable headaches in the future.

In this article, we’ll walk you through top tips that can help you choose the right diesel tank for your dispensing station, light commercial use, personal use, and so forth. Learning these essential facts can help you make your decision better and easier. After all, there are many diesel tanks and pumps suppliers to choose from in South Africa.

Think about the Diesel Tank Use and Size Needed

Start off by considering your diesel storage needs. Diesel tank capacities and sizes vary tremendously from a few 100 litres all the way up to 100000+ litres. Of course, the need for capacity changes from customer to customer. It’s paramount, however, that you choose a diesel tank with a little extra amount of capacity than you need. That is, in case your storage needs expand in the future.

Installations: Above Ground or Underground?

Most underground diesel storage tanks in Durban must be installed strictly according to manufacturer’s guidelines. But when choosing between underground and aboveground diesel tanks Johannesburg, you might want to think about some few benefits and drawbacks. Underground diesel tanks offer safety, robustness, and high capacity, but any leakages can be destructive to the environment. On the other hand, aboveground tanks come in ready-to-use state and are great for farms, construction sites, and areas where mobility is a factor.

Plastic vs Metal Diesel Tanks

Top-notch diesel storage tanks are available in both plastic and steel. But which is best for you depends on some factors. Metal diesel tanks Cape Town are built with mild steel, and are naturally reliable, durable, and made for heavy use.

Also, plastic diesel tanks are high-quality and durable but often come cheaper and built for light use.

If rusting is a factor in your area of use, plastic diesel tanks are your best bet.

Check Out Local, National, and International Regulations

Several regulations govern diesel storage in South Africa, and it can be a little confusing. However, it pays to consult with the environmental agency, South African Bureau of Standards, and other relevant organisations.

Single-Skinned or Bunded?

Single skinned diesel tanks are often built for light commercial use. But if you are planning to open a petrol station, for example, you will need bunded diesel tanks. They are safe and leak-tight.

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