Diesel tanks are flexible because they can easily be transported

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Diesel Bowser Tank

Protecting the environment is one of the biggest global challenges of today. A fuel spill is a major form of pollution that causes highly adverse effects on the environment. Several recent studies have shown that the environmental damage due to fuel spillage causes a multitude of problems to humans, animals, water and plants, and the impacts can have serious consequences.

To properly address this issue, government authorities have mandated the use of Diesel Bowser Tanks to safely handle containment scenarios. Businesses that deal with the handling of large volume of fuel or petrochemical liquids are required to use diesel bowser tanks for storage of fuel.

Diesel Bowser Tanks are a double-walled tank with fully sealed carbon steel inner tank and outer tank. These tanks aid in environmental controls. The inner tank contains the initial volume of liquid fuel, and in the unlikely event that inner tank develops a leak, the outer tank will prevent the liquid from escaping into the environment.

Diesel tanks are flexible because they can easily be transported, installed, commissioned and removed from site, without the need for costly engineering and bunding works which were traditionally done by civil engineering experts and specialists, and hence cost efficient. They are accessible for regular inspection and maintenance programmes at any time, which makes it practical and convenient.

Diesel Tanks and Pumps proudly offers a wide selection of Mine Go Fuel Tanks built to meet high standards. Tanks are available in different sizes ranging from as little as 200 litres to as much as 75,000 litres

Our diesel tanks are suitable for a vast range of applications and are currently used in construction, earth moving, transport, industrial, marine, mining, government, agricultural, aviation and petrochemical industries.

Diesel Tanks and Pumps's new generation of fuel tanks provides unparalleled safety and security solutions for your fuel storage requirements. Also the added peace of being compliant is what all in business require. For more information, please call us at 0760228659 or visit http://www.dieseltanksandpumps.co.za 

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